Thursday, November 20, 2014

Clinique Makeup Consultation


If you follow my blog, you know I am a Clinique girl at heart. I stopped by my local Clinique makeup counter yesterday to pick up my free Chubby Stick in Chunky Cherry and ended up sitting through a makeup consultation. 

The consultant first applied Clinique's CC cream and under eye concealer. I absolutely loved the CC cream because it was lightweight and did not look caked on. The under eye concealer, on the other hand, made me look old and wrinkly. You could see the product sitting on top of my skin and it did not blend well. 

Next, she applied eye shadow which looked beautiful. I have loved every Clinique shadow I have ever tried. The pink in this particular palette made my eyelids look natural and dewy. 

The consultant attempted to apply liquid eyeliner with a different brush than the one that comes with it. She did a terrible job at this. I don't think the eyeliner was a bad product, she just had it all over the place.

She finished my makeup with a Pudgy Peony Chubby Stick. I ended up purchasing this color because it looked so great! 

After I went home and removed the eyeliner, I was more than thrilled with the makeup! I know it is terrible for my skin, but I left it on for my evening spin class. Although I am sure it clogged my pores, the makeup looked just as good after sweating as it did before I got to the gym. 

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